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Senduo Recycle Machinery CO.,LTD. as one of the world's leading waste recycling technology research and equipment manufacturing enterprises. We have business all over 75 countries around the world. We are the largest manufacture of cable stripping machine, cable granulator, motor recycling machine, radiator recycling machine in China. More than 50% wire stripper machine of the world are made by us.We export more than 1000 sets equipment on yearly basis.We also Provide OEM service for many European and America companies

Our company was founded in 1990, we are the first to introduce advanced Germany waste recycling technology, integrate Germany precision design to ensure high quality products. We have been dedicated to development concepts of ¡°resources recycling and sustainable regeneration¡± . Always committed to the development of waste resource recycling technology to achieve the maximum value. We will change the ¡°municipal refuse¡± into ¡° city minerals¡± we are the world¡¯s leading enterprise for waste recycling technology with 32 patents.

We have 2 branch companines, which are: Taizhou City Wire Stripper Machine Factory. Senduo Recycle Machinery CO.,LTD.

We provide our customers solutions and expertise from single equipment to complete production line,including overall project planning, installation and commissioning, operation training, etc........

Hazard-free treatment and reuse of waster resources. Preserve the ecological environment and promote the resource value Positioning in the high-tech environmental management as it means, maximize the value of comprehensive utilization of waste resources.

Business scope:Technology development and equipment manufacturing of waste resources such as waste cables,motors,radiators,PCB,Waste Electric Equipment(WEE), waste tires £¨MSW), and domestic garbage, etc....

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